Garden Overflow Project

Late summers bring bountiful harvests; Our aim is to put all those victory gardens to good use!

Do you have extra garden produce that can be donated to help feed those less fortunate in our community ? We are making donating those extras, easy.

How it works:

For our gardeners

  1. Drop off your excess garden product at one of our partners during their business hours and our volunteers will make sure it makes it to the Midland Salvation Army.
  2. Have a lot of food (10lbs +/-) ? We can arrange a pickup from your home via porch pickup. Call Gavin (Georgian Roots) at (416) 316-9076 or submit on our online form below.


For our non-gardeners

  1. Support our local farmers while also contributing to those in need. Most of our drop-off partners help you source from local farmers!

Garden Overflow Drop Off Hubs 

Tuesday – Saturday: 7am-2pm
Sunday: 7am-1pm

Monday – Friday: 8am-3pm

Saturday: 8am-2pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday : 10am-5pm

Friday: 1pm-7pm

Thursday-Sunday: 7am-Noon


Cafe Kittyhawk

Farm 2 Door

Georgian Roots

538 Bay St, Midland 4 Robert St W, Penetanguishene 159 Balm Beach Rd E, Tiny 830 Concession Rd. 18W, Tiny

Thank you to the our partnering Hub's :